The Kindness Campaign


The Katelle Foundation launched The Kindness Campaign (TKC) in the spring of 2016 and has since been providing targeted social and emotional learning support to elementary schools.

Kids Coloring at a TKC Event

Kids Coloring at a TKC Event

TKC is a classroom focused initiative built on the premise that promoting a kinder pattern of behavior in our children will equip them with tools to navigate obstacles at home, at school and eventually in the workplace. TKC’s goal is to arm elementary counselors, teachers and students with engaging resources to promote a kinder tomorrow.

Through weekly SEL-based lessons and writing prompts, TKC promotes the phrase “I am enough”. The program guides students through exercises in self-affirmation, identifying emotions and developing empathy. TKC impresses the many benefits of being apart of a community of kindness.




The Kindness Campaign provides a full school year of supplemental lessons and activities at absolutely no cost. All TKC curriculums are offered in Spanish and English and are HeadStart/ASCA aligned. We ask only for your honest feedback and ongoing commitment to creating a culture of kindness on your campus.

All TKC content features our mascot, Enoughie Buddy, who takes learners on a journey of self-exploration and affirmation.

All TKC content features our mascot, Enoughie Buddy, who takes learners on a journey of self-exploration and affirmation.

Pre-K3, Pre-K4, Kinder & First Grade:

Each Classroom receives:

  • Teacher Resource: Weekly stories with creative learning and mindfulness activities
  • Student TKC Coloring Books: Each learner receives a coloring book that follows the lesson of the week
  • Enoughie Buddy Plush Toy: The toy can be used during instruction or as a classroom incentive
  • Your campus will be eligible for a visit from our Enoughie Buddy Mascot!

Second – Fifth Grade:

Each Classroom receives:

  • Teacher Resource: Reflective writing journal guide
  • Student TKC Reflective Writing Journals: Each learner receives a journal with writing and creative prompts to encourage self-exploration
  • Enoughie Buddy Plush Toy: The toy can be used during instruction or as a classroom incentive
  • Your campus will be eligible for a visit from our Enoughie Buddy Mascot!







Andra Liemandt - The Kindness Campaign

Andra Liemandt, Founder

Andra Liemandt

Andra Liemandt is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, drummer in an all-female band and most importantly, a mother to two precious girls. In 2013, she was stunned and heartbroken to learn that a friend’s 12-year-old daughter committed suicide after being bullied at school. While the number of tween and teen suicides has steadily increased over the past five years, she was shocked at the lack of preventative resources for elementary schools to combat this sad reality.  In response, Andra created The Kindness Campaign (TKC). TKC is built on the foundation that if we teach children how to first be kind to themselves and then be kind to one another, we can change the peer-to-peer culture in schools and ultimately save lives.

Nina Gilkerson, Director

Nina Gilkerson, Chief Operating Officer

Nina Gilkerson

Nina Gilkerson started her career in corporate finance at JP Morgan, worked as a strategy consultant, and most recently served as COO of A Little Bundle. With a strong heart for children and history as a competitive swimmer, she co-founded the nonprofit Everybody Swims to provide underprivileged children in the NYC area access to free swim lessons. She has continued this service to children in the Austin area through her program Austin Swims, partnering with Helping Hand Home for Children and Austin Children’s Shelter. 
Through her work with children it became apparent that bullying is a sad reality for many who lack an understanding of their own self-worth and the power they hold to both harm and lift up others. Nina is passionate about influencing children to choose kindness from the start and putting an end to the vicious cycle of bullying. 
Nina is thrilled to support the vision of Andra Liemandt and help carry out the mission of the Kindness Campaign.

Lori Hobbie, Chief Program Officer

Lori Hobbie, Chief Program Officer

Lori Hobbie

Lori Hobbie began her career as an educator in East Africa, working with rural and urban schools in Congo and Tanzania. After returning the states Lori continued her career teaching in school districts in Texas, most recently with Austin ISD in a Dual-Language classroom. With a heart for Social and Emotional Learning, Lori developed an after school curriculum that was implemented on her campus to help carry healthy habits into after school care. With 20 years of teaching experience, Lori has extensive training in curriculum development and mentoring teachers. Her awareness of mindfulness in the classroom was built on a foundation of service to the others. Lori has partnered with the non-profit, Voices From the Nations to build wells, clinics, and schools in Central Tanzania. She brings her passion for educating the whole child and meeting the emotional needs of children to The Kindness Campaign. Lori has learned first hand that the life of a child can be changed with a single act of kindness.



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Dan McKenna, Board Member

Dan McKenna

Donna Tryba, Board Member

Donna Tryba

Jenny Mason, Board Member

Jenny Mason


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Good News:

TKC was the recipient of the Texas Women in Business Grant!



Press Coverage


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