Ben Root: Spotlight of the Month

Our spotlight of the month is on film-maker Ben Root. Ben is a former Austin High student with a passion for film and a talent for storytelling. His 2016 documentary The Archer Hadley Story follows the experience of Arthur Hadley, one of Ben’s classmates who struggles with life in a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy. The Arthur Hadley Story received national recognition and was screened at the 2016 White House Student Film Festival, themed “The Impact of Giving Back”, where the president himself was in attendance. Way to make impact, Ben!

Many were moved by this story, and because of this awareness, wheelchair accessible doors in high schools have become a national topic of discussion. Ben’s documentary is an inspiration to all the dreamers out there with proof that that with determination, awareness and kindness, we can all be agents of meaningful change!

Here, we can see Ben’s intensive creativity and focus in action as he captures moments for film.

With his film, Ben has literally helped open doors for young people. He has applied his talent to a cause which has brought a community together to stand up for kindness, accessibility, and inclusion.

Ben also founded a band called Ben Root and the Community with the mission that “Music has the power to bring us all together” and  “Unity and acceptance for everyone.” Ben is a man of many talents!

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