Brewing Kindness with NOW Coffee Founder, Fanya Randall

Kind Coffee

By Ilisa Norman

NOW Coffee, an Austin-based coffee company with a cause, is a TKC®️ KIND COMPANY. Their beans are organic and fair trade to ensure their beans’ integrity and quality, roasted fresh per order by their master roasters here in Austin. 

They strive not only to deliver brewtiful coffee blends but to positively impact children’s lives. 1 bag helps 2 causes. A portion of profits from each product goes towards mental health awareness and anti-bullying curriculum for students. 

––NOW Coffee: Grounds for a Cause takes action when it’s needed most–NOW. They understand the severity of the bullying epidemic and the deep need for tools to prevent it. 

Read on to learn more from NOW Coffee’s founder, Fanya Randall, about how they’re brewing kindness.

Why did you start NOW Coffee?

“My son who has Autism struggles with communication and can’t decipher if someone is being serious or is joking, which makes him vulnerable with his peers.  From preschool to first grade, and even outside of the school setting, there has been incident after incident of him being bullied, teased, excluded, and what finally made my decision to leave my medical career and start my coffee company was when he was pushed down and kicked in the head and called ‘weird.’  I realized more needed to be done not only in our education system but in our communities as a whole to get involved.” 

Why are you a kind company? (In other words, why are you a values-driven company?)

“NOW Coffee is a kind company because the whole reason why this company exists is to stop this bullying epidemic with our children and to make a direct positive impact in our communities and all over our countrywhere bullying is not tolerated, and there are serious consequences if it happens.” 

Why do you value children’s emotional health?

“Children’s emotional health is everything, not only for my son but for every child.  These children will soon be adults in our communities, and it is much easier to educate a child than to repair broken men.  My hope is through education we can make a lasting change.” 

Why did you choose to support TKC?

“I chose TKC because the mission of mental health awareness and anti-bullying curriculum in schools is the same as my mission.  I believe proactive education will help children and young adults understand the serious consequences of bullying and how it can lead to poor self-esteem, depression, and even suicide for those who are bullied.” 

What does kindness mean to you?

“Kindness to me is many things. Kindness is being empathetic to other people, being inclusive when others are alone on the sidelines or sitting at lunch by themselves. Kindness is being selfless to bring someone else hope and joy. Kindness is giving someone value where they may not feel that at home… Kindness is Everything!” 

Tell us about our co-branded coffee blend!!! 

CUPPA KIND Salted Caramel is our new coffee blend with TKC!  We are so excited to do this partnership with an organization devoted to making impactful change with our children.  This Latin American blend is fair trade with organic beans that have a bold aroma with a hint of sweet caramel to start your day with confidence and kindness!”

What are your plans for NOW Coffee? We’ve heard talk of a coffee truck?!

“We are currently building our NOW Coffee truck!  We are so excited about this new project, and we are hoping it will be done in March or April of 2021! This will give our company more exposure and the opportunities with our truck will be limitless!  As a mother of a son with Autism, I speak up for all children who have been bullied, and my promise to my son and daughter is to do my best to help make a KIND impact in this world.”

To learn more about NOW Coffee or purchase your CUPPA KIND today, visit