Camila Alves: Icon of the Month

Camila’s story is one of vision and verve.  At the age of 16, Alves moved from Brazil to the US to pursue a career in modeling and quickly became one of the top fashion models in the industry. After starting a family, Camila led a movement for women with lifestyle website, Women of Today. Through the multifaceted content on Women of Today, Camila reminds us to be understanding and compassionate, and “just because it’s different, it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.”

In addition to her role as mother, media mogul and entrepreneur, Camila and her husband Matthew McConaughey run the Just Keep Livin Foundation which empowers young adults to make healthy, active lifestyle choices.

While Camila is keeping her resolution for 2018 a secret, she shares her commitment to waking up each morning with the goal of making the world a kinder place. After all, kindness can be found in everyday places, with the simplest gestures, and in life’s smallest moments.

Watch to see how this charming mama focuses each day so she can infuse kindness into all the beauty she creates!

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