Corporate Kindness with Paul Mitchell

A few weeks ago, we launched our new Corporate Kindness program with the Paul Mitchell Schools, and we are still over the moon about it! Corporate Kindness is designed to help bring kindness into the workplace. We believe kindness has transformative effects in our private lives and work environments. And who better to kick off this program with than the Paul Mitchell Schools nationwide! Paul Mitchell Schools are in-sync with TKC’s mission to develop future kind leaders and together we can make our mutual kindness mission bigger!

From the very beginning, education was a big part of co-founders Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria vision. In 2000 Winn Claybaugh, John Paul DeJoria, and Paul Mitchell’s son Angus Mitchell—by that time co-owner of the company that bears his late father’s name—decided to create Paul Mitchell Schools with just one location. Today, Paul Mitchell Schools is over 100 locations strong.

If you’ve ever gone to a hair stylist, you know they do more than just cut hair. They are counselors, friends, and confidants. They listen, offer advice, make jokes, and are shoulders to cry on. And TKC wanted to provide the Paul Mitchell students with the tools of kindness that make them strong, empathetic leaders- kindness is a skill every corporation should be fostering. We want future professionals to go out into the world feeling equipped for anything and we thank Paul Mitchell Schools for being pioneers in developing a culture of kindness.

It’s our honor to launch Corporate Kindness with the Paul Mitchell Schools and help develop Kind Leaders in the workplace. Check out some fun photos of TKC’s Andra Liemandt, speaking in front of the the Paul Mitchell School of Austin and streaming live to schools across the country!

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