Daniela Patiño: Spotlight Special of the Month

This month’s AOK focus is on TKC Ambassador, Daniela Patiño! Daniela’s work as a #kindleader within her school and its Reach Out program sets an example for others who want to spread kindness in creative ways!

Daniela’s school is community and service oriented and in each grade a class performs a service project. In 8th grade, students pitch for an NPO they care about to be the recipient of the 8th grade funds raised throughout the year (bake sales, flowergrams, snack bar etc). Daniela was in the Top 12 (out of 61 students) and she chose TKC. The 12 pitch winners received funding for their chosen charity.

Daniela has been a supporter and ambassador of The KindnessCampaign from its earliest days. TKC would not be expanding if it were not for people like Daniela and her actions of helping to build kinder communities. Daniela embodies TKC’s S.E.E.C. pillars of Social Awareness, Emotional Awareness, Empathy and Community. She has taken TKC into her heart and is spreading kindness. TKC provides the tools to young people, like Daniela, to be empowered, aware and to be change agents to inspire societal change to stop bullying and to ultimately, save lives.

It is time to change the narrative and Daniela is leading the way. She is a leader who will transform our world to bring communities together and to spread not only the message of kindness but the curriculum to schools across the country.

Starting today, Daniela has thrust TKC from a local program to the national stage. Strategic partnerships and innovative ideas from young people are playing a crucial role in achieving societal change and TKC wants to provide young people with the tools to be the spark of change that leads to a revolution of kindnessKindness is a language we all want to speak, it changes how we think about ourselves, act in school, on the playground, on social media, as well as our everyday lives.

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