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The Kindness Campaign (TKC) is on a mission to inspire​ a​ new generation of kind leaders.​ ​Through classroom initiatives, interactive experiences and community involvement, TKC empowers students to recognize the transformative power of kindness.

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Initial findings from our pilot year have already suggested remarkable growth in students! An overwhelming 94% of initial survey respondents, most of whom were teachers, reported an increase in empathetic behavior in their class communities as a result of TKC curriculum implementation. Teachers also reported high levels of student engagement with various aspects of our resources, including Enoughie Buddy and journaling materials. A majority of these educators would also recommend TKC to peers due these and other promising factors.

TKC is excited to further explore these findings in formative qualitative evaluations to enhance and improve existing and future TKC curriculum and implementation. We plan for our research findings to amplify the practice of SEEC Pillars, resulting in observable, lasting impacts in these communities of future leaders.