Looking for quality SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum for your school or classroom? Look no further.

Just like physical fitness, language arts, or math, emotional health is a set of teachable skills that are open to any classroom, any school. Our bilingual curriculum meets TEKS standards, and is seamlessly integrated into your existing language arts program. Furthermore, The Kindness Campaign is child-centered: with an emphasis on play and storytelling, TKC introduces young learners to Enoughie Buddy®, a kind friend who explores his world and all the feelings that go with it. As students grow older, they safely explore their own story, through self-reflection, journaling, and more.

All curriculum and tools from The Kindness Campaign are guided by four core pillars: self-image, emotional awareness, empathy, and community. Browse our Resources Page to find quality products for your school campus and classrooms.

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