Who is Enoughie..

Enoughie Buddy or E, reminds his learners that they are ENOUGH just as they are! Enoughie is the official mascot of The Kindness Campaign.

Through the eyes of this loveable character, teachers and learners alike are able to see the world as a place where challenges are real and kindness is powerful. E understands what it’s like to be different and is able to love and embrace the differences in us all.

Enoughie’s antennae help him to understand his own emotions and give him a little “extra help” when others are in need. E uses his magical antennae to help kids realize their self regulating superpowers!

I know what it’s like to feel different, but being different isn’t a bad thing. Every morning I look in the mirror and remind myself I AM ENOUGH. I have the power to encourage others to do the same and see themselves for the wonder that they are” – Enoughie Buddy