Our curriculum was created to enhance social and emotional development through the power of kindness. The premise of our curriculum design is that kindness can be learned through practice. Our materials encourage learners to explore domains related to developing a sense of self that tunes them in to the power of kindness and to the world around them.

Self Image

Research in the education and psychology fields demonstrates that children with a positive self-image are resilient and can feel proud, even when they make mistakes. Helping learners to create a positive self- image is at the core of The Kindness Campaign. The I AM ENOUGH message empowers learners of all ages to be kind to themselves (and to lead with kindness.) These learners take pride in their accomplishments, learn from failure, and are able to act independently later in life. Children with a positive self-image are able to take responsibility for their actions and feel comfortable forming relationships. We believe that the kind leaders of tomorrow will embody these skills, which are necessary to make value-driven decisions, even in the face of peer pressure and other life challenges.

Emotional Awareness

When we teach children to become familiar with and aware of their emotions, they begin to recognize their feelings, understand where feelings come from, and learn how to manage them appropriately. TKC’s research-based approach teaches the essential emotional skills for student success in life. Through stories, mindfulness activations and reflective writing prompts, learners are given the opportunity to practice emotional awareness. Through this practice, the I AM ENOUGH message is deeply reinforced. This emotional awareness not only supports student well-being, but it also allows students to be emotionally present for others.


Empathy is one of the most important traits for living in an interconnected and increasingly diverse world. Empathy strengthens life skills such as being able to respond to another person’s feelings and understand their perspective. Empathy builds on the other pillars of strong sense of self-awareness and a positive self-image. At TKC, we realize how imperative empathy is to developing a kinder world.


Creating communities of kindness empowers learners with resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Research in education and psychology has overwhelmingly found that when students experience a feeling of belonging and connectedness, they are more likely to experience positive academic and social outcomes. In community, we embrace diversity. Children are able to build on their own strengths and celebrate the strengths of others. A strong sense of community greatly impacts students’ sense of well being by helping them to affirm their own identities and feel confident to express themselves, while offering the same space for self-expression to others.