Girl Scouts of Central Texas: Spotlight Special of the Month

This spring break, instead of kicking back and sleeping in, Central Texas Girl Scouts Isabelle, Melanie, Victoria, Anaita, and Sarah set out to make the world a little brighter.

These five remarkable young women were selected by The Girl Scouts of America to attend the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations in New York City. The CSW promotes women’s rights and advocates for gender equality worldwide. At the UN, these Girl Scouts had the opportunity to connect globally with powerful women, and to make their voices heard on an international stage.

Isabelle G. is a Silver and Gold Award recipient, is passionate about facilitating STEM education for girls, and enjoys environmental activism. She recently produced an award-winning documentary on the protection of coral reefs.

Sarah M. received a Gold Award for her work with UNICEF and Save The Children in Bolivia, and she recently founded The Butterfly Project, which is a non profit organization that provides reusable sanitary pads to women who cannot afford them.

Victoria S. has received both the Bronze and Silver Award and is actively involved in female empowerment. This world traveler has visited five countries and four continents! She is also a mentor for the GSCTX Cookie Program and a board member on her local Girl Scout Service Unit.

Anaita M. is a member of the acclaimed Lady Cans Girl Scout Robotics Team Board of Directors. She loves engaging in robotics herself, is a STEM mentor for GSCTX, and is a part of Model United Nations. Anaita loves teaching young girls that there’s no place they don’t belong.

Melanie L. is the historian for her Gamma Sigma Girl Scout troop and is passionate about female advocacy and empowerment in third world countries. She serves as historian for her Gamma Sigma Girl Scout troop and as a cookie captain, guiding young entrepreneurs with kindness.

These girls show promise for the future – at such a young age they are world travelers, activists, designers, musicians, and speakers – all exceptional kind leaders! Their spirit of self-expression and dedication to issues beyond themselves shows us the how collaborative kindness can transform our world.

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