Hadeel Al-Joubouri: Spotlight of the Month

Hadeel Al-Joubouri grew up surrounded by violence in war-torn Iraq and later, Syria. She and her family were on the run since she was seven, with their journey beginning anew in the United States. Her story is one of renewed hope, and her beautiful sculptures reflect both her family’s struggle and her ability to reflect beauty even in the face of hardship.

A Sincere Heart is a Golden Heart

This project explores the importance of purity and peace of the inner-self. The work describes how from a sincere mind and heart we are able to raise our self from struggles and by mistakes we grow and progress.

Hadeel creates works of art exploring the movement of refugees and the depth of human hearts and their capacity to connect and give. Her values also come to life as she leads Breaking the Silence (BTS), a non-profit organization run by high schoolers that focuses on providing relief to refugee and homeless families with experiences similar to her own. Hadeel’s struggle, renewal, and commitment to reach others with her art and service make her a shining AOK example of practicing kindness while expressing herself.

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