Kendra Scott: Icon of the Month

We are dazzled to introduce our AOK Icon for March, Kendra Scott! Who doesn’t love a delicate piece from this sought-after designer? This jewelry phenom draws inspiration from the architecture, people, and colors she sees as she travels.  Kendra’s favorite source of inspiration for her designs is how a Kendra Woman styles her pieces. In this way, this remarkable designer has synergistic relationship with her customers – Kendra pays attention to you – and she brings this awareness into her jewelry pieces.

Kendra doesn’t just add sparkle to our ears – she brightens up people’s lives. Kendra Scott’s company was founded on the dream of “Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy.” One way she lives by these principles is the Kendra Gives Back program, where, she says “we don’t turn anyone away.” What a truly kind way of approaching these relationships.

Kendra advises her three sons, “Go out into the world with an open heart and an open mind.” We are  awestruck by Kendra’s own welcoming heart, and her reminder will stay with us all month long: “Kindness really does count.” Shine on, Kendra Scott!

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