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Here at The Kindness Campaign, we find the research just as revealing as you do: seventy-two percent¬†of principals¬†indicated that promoting students’ social and emotional skills was either their schools top priority or one of their schools top priorities.

And we believe it should be a priority as well. That’s why TKC’s curriculum is focused on teaching social and emotional health skills beginning at age 3.¬†And good news: as of today, over 40,000 lives are changed through our signature emotional health curriculum!

In this TKC Kindergarten lesson, students will…
1. Identify the ways in which their actions could hurt another person’s feelings.
2. Actively cultivate trust with peers by verbally affirming their strength as friends to one another.
3. Practice noticing how others feel and identifying actions that can be taken to support and uplift others.

This lesson is cross-curricular with the Language Art TEK Standards: 5D,5E,5F,6B and ASCA Behavior Standards: B-SS 1,2,6.