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“I thought I’d share something personal with you all today.⁣

Recently, my daughter Kate and I have been working the I AM ENOUGH journal together – the PetitePlanner that TKC created with Erin Condren. Now, as many of you know, Kate was instrumental in helping me create the very first TKC journal, back when it was just a hope, a dream, and some rough (very rough 😉) sketches. Fast-forward to now… and here is my beautiful, grown-up girl, being MY teacher on emotional health. ⁣

To be able to have this level of conversation with Kate, about her inner life and her feelings, is so deep and special. As we work these exercises, I’m not just learning about her… I’m learning from her. ⁣

A few days ago, my husband walked in the room as we were doing our I AM ENOUGH prompts, only to find both of us crying. He asked, “am I interrupting something?” 😂⁣

I feel so grateful to be on this journey with my family, every single second of the day.” 

-Andra Liemandt