Mental and Emotional Health with Goodside Health

The need for mental and emotional health resources continues to rise. COVID-19 brought new challenges to students and teachers. The Kindness Campaign (TKC®️) is partnering with Goodside Health and Vida Clinic to provide virtual behavioral support tools to address these difficulties.

Our work provides a bridge between preventative care and crisis care. We understand the importance of meeting children where they are. This innovative approach to holistic healthcare dramatically increases Texas family access to critical resources. 

Tracy Spinner, executive director at Goodside Health, discusses the wonderful ways we are partnering to expand mental and emotional healthcare to Texas’s children. 

What excites you the most about the partnership with The Kindness Campaign?

“The opportunity to partner with TKC to expand our focus to include emotional health services, specifically the increase in awareness about the importance of mental health, self-care, kindness, and empathy, is timely considering the great need.” 

Why is early intervention necessary in children’s mental and emotional health?

“Early intervention is critical.  When a child is able to be evaluated early using a widely recognized behavioral health screening tool and provided access to services, research has shown children perform better in school academically, attend school more frequently, and are less likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors that impact their mental and physical health. The ability to provide these services through a virtual care platform with Goodside Health gives us access to help students across Texas, from the rural to urban communities. We serve all students.” 

How do you serve school districts?

“We serve districts by closing the gap in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution.  We deliver on-demand whole child healthcare in partnership with school districts by empowering school nurses with the technology, medical supplies, point of care testing capability, and professional development for them to be facilitators of virtual care for their students and staff. The suite of services Goodside offers to districts are at no cost.”

Why is Goodside expanding its mental and emotional health services?

“Goodside Health is passionate about the care of kids.  We’re purpose-driven, and mission-focused.  We recognize the importance of whole-child health and wellness.  The expansion of services through our innovative SchoolMed platform in partnership with school districts is a natural progression of holistic healthcare.” 

What does it mean to provide holistic mental health resources?

“I define ‘holistic mental health resources’ as the ability to provide access to resources and services across a multi-tiered system of support from prevention, clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.  The biggest barrier to care is access. Through our SchoolMed platform, with our VCFF providers and in partnership with TKC and Vida Clinic, we’re able to provide holistic mental health resources and care to all students and staff across Texas that need mental health support on-demand, removing all barriers.” 

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