Sofia Martinez- Spotlight Special of the Month

Meet our Spotlight of the Month- Sofia Martinez! Sofia Martinez is a talented 17 year old filmmaker from Austin, TX who uses her passion for storytelling to reach and connect with other youth.

Sofia writes and directs short films that are centered around the topic of mental health. In 2017 she released “Lady Lazarus”, which tells the story of a young girl dealing with depression. This short film shows the struggle of depression and the importance of having community. She’s also currently working on a full length feature film that’s projected to release in the next few months called “May I Be At Peace”. This film follows the journey of a young girl named Emily, who is diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. “May I Be At Peace” chronicles her road to recovery as she learns to love herself and others. This is a passion project for Sofia who says, “This movie is aimed to inspire recovery and educate those who want to learn about eating disorders.”

Sofia’s bravery to speak up about difficult, painful topics helps give a voice to those who may feel like they have none. We believe it’s important to show empathy towards others and yourself, and we’re proud of the kind work Sofia is doing!

“The topic of eating disorders is important to me and I feel it’s time for audiences to see the true and honest version of recovery, instead of the Hollywood glamorized version.“

-Sofia Martinez

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