Volunteer From Home

Join TKC’s Volunteer Team!

Our at-home volunteer opportunities allow you to spread kindness wherever you are. Get started TODAY in amplifying emotional health.

Help an educator and their students

Volunteer to build emotional health tools for the classroom. During this singular moment in history, emotional health is more important than ever. ​Making Enoughie Buddy Antennae Kits turns isolation into human connection, and gives educators a powerful SEL (social emotional learning) tool, reminding students that just like Enoughie Buddy®, their feelings are normal and OK. Click the link below for instructions and supplies, and our how-to video.


Help doctors and nurses

Volunteer to send notes of gratitude to our frontline workers and healthcare heroes.

Since the onset of coronavirus, doctors and nurses have not only been frontline workers, caring for the vulnerable and sick. They have seen their shift hours multiply, forcing them
to spend time away from their home and families. These notes and artwork are our way
of saying THANK YOU to these vital workers, for their sacrifice and medical care as we move toward healing.

The Kindness Campaign (TKC) is partnering with Baylor Scott & White to have their care
staff receive art and notes from TKC volunteers; these gifts will be displayed in entry
hallways for healthcare workers to see. Click the link below for instructions, printable
coloring sheets and note templates.