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What’s going on? 

Young people are suffering mentally and emotionally.

Why is that?

COVID-19 is causing collective trauma. But for young people in particular, mental and emotional wellbeing is dipping to crisis levels:

  • A recent study of 3,300 high school students found that nearly one-third reported feeling unhappy or depressed in recent months. 
  • More than 1 in 4 young people reported an increase in losing sleep because of worry, feeling unhappy or depressed, feeling constantly under strain, or experiencing a loss of confidence in themselves.
  • Prior to the pandemic, suicide was – and remains – the second leading cause of death among teenagers. 

That’s where The Kindness Campaign comes in.

We are a nonprofit that creates emotional health curriculum for students, schools, and families. 

What do you mean by “curriculum?”

We create and share hands-on lessons to help children feel better. These include:

  • Cross-curricular children’s books that drive SEL (social emotional learning) concepts and lessons
  • Interactive journals that, along with our children’s books, meet TEKS and ASCA standards, and serve as supplemental language arts learning tools 
  • Visual arts activities + programming grounded in SEL concepts, available for all age groups
  • Meditation exercises developed by our team of licensed mental health professionals
  • Music skills workshops grounded in our core pillars: self-image, emotional awareness, empathy and community 

These tools help children understand their emotions, give them safe guidance to express what they are feeling, and soothe their nervous system. The result: empowered families, supportive campus cultures, and students who feel better. 

Why is this important?

We are working to prevent self-harm and suicide among young people. 

So what is the Kind Mural?

Our Kind Mural is our nonprofit’s fundraising project for 2021. We are raising funds to:

  • Give Title 1 school campuses our emotional health curriculum, 
  • Expand our online curriculum library, build out more SEL programming for 2021, and expand school and family access to our emotional health resources,
  • Support central Texas artists for the creation of our Kind Mural, and cover associated costs.

Our Kind Mural will be located on the outside of Amy’s Ice Cream on South Congress, across the street from the “I Love You So Much” mural at Jo’s Coffee. 


What will it look like?

From now until February 24, 2021, we are asking our sponsors and supporters to answer the question: “what does kindness mean to you?” Their responses will guide the design of the Kind Mural. 

How do I submit my response to the question “what does kindness mean to you?”

As soon as you become a sponsor or supporter, you will receive a special link to answer that question. 

How can I become a sponsor?

Email jana@tkckindness.org to facilitate, see levels and benefits below. Sponsorship levels start at $5000.

How can I become a supporter? 

Head to our Donate Page today to make a donation. Supporter levels start at $100.


Will folks know I donated?

Yes! All sponsor and supporter names will be publicly recognized:

-At our official ribbon-cutting ceremony on (Spring 2021 date forthcoming) *

-Our Kind Mural will display a special QR code that will lead to our Kind Mural donor + impact page, which will be up for the duration of the Kind Mural itself: February 2021 – February 2022. 

Can I give in someone else’s name?

Yes! Just tell us whose name you’d like to honor.

One more time: what’s the difference between a sponsor and a supporter?

Sponsorship levels start at $5000, and come with a variety of benefits (see below). 

Supporter levels start at $100 and come with this benefit: access to our digital Kind Mural, where your words (or your beneficiary’s words) will help guide the design of our IRL mural at Amy’s Ice Creams. 

Any questions?

No problem! Reach out to TKC Communications Director Tolly Moseley: tolly@tkckindness.org

*We continue to monitor the status of Covid-19 and respect CDC guidelines, as well as how it may impact the Kind Mural launch. We are prepared to pivot where needed and will keep you up to date as to launch adjustments.