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Amy’s Ice Creams, Texas Cultural Trust, and Hope Outdoor Gallery

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What is The Kind Mural?

The Kind Mural is a piece of community artwork wrapping around Amy’s Ice Creams – SoCo (1301 S. Congress Ave.) 

A fundraising project for The Kindness Campaign, The Kind Mural uses public donations to get mental and emotional health resources to Title 1 schools in Central Texas.


TKC Mural

Which Title 1 schools benefit? 

We are in the process of school selection and will announce our Kind Mural Beneficiary Campuses in time for the 2021-2022 school year. 

What are all the words on the wall?

Kind Mural TKC

We asked our community to answer the question, “what does kindness mean to you?” and got responses from elementary school students, teachers, parents, Austin business leaders and more. You can see their answers written on the back wall of Amy’s. 

Who are the artists?

Phoebe Joynt and Niz, two incredible mural artists who collaborated with TKC, Amy’s Ice Creams, and HOPE Campaign on design and execution. 

As we say on the wall (or rather, right above it) we believe art is a portal to emotional health! These artists did exactly that, by using their talent to foster what we hope is a joyful experience for all who visit The Kind Mural.

Who are your donors?

2020-2021 Kind Mural Sponsors include:


Kind Mural Sponsors

Progress pics? 

Of course!


TKC Kind Mural


Kind Mural on congress


TKC Kind Mural
TKC Kind Mural on Congress
TKC Kind Mural on Congress

Why did TKC do this? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an outsized and devastating effect on the mental and emotional health of children. Healing this collective trauma will require a multi-pronged response, including from organizations like TKC.

In September 2020, a novel concept was born: what if we launched a large-scale art project with feedback from our community, centered on kindness-in-action? More directly: how could we get mental and emotional health tools to campuses that needed them, by fundraising in a COVID-safe way? 

The Kind Mural was and is our solution. Anyone can donate to the Kind Mural project, including passers by on South Congress, when they scan our QR code on top of the building:

TKC Kind Mural on Congress

You can also donate right here.

Can I become a 2021-2022 Kind Mural sponsor?

Yes, please email jana@tkckindness.org to facilitate. Sponsorship levels start at $5000. 

Where can I learn more about The Kindness Campaign and get involved with your mission?

Head to our website where you can learn about our SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum and programming for schools, our programs and workshops, and volunteer opportunities.