What is a Kind Company?

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Why values-driven partnerships are crucial to our success!

Teamwork is an essential life skill that we learn as children. At The Kindness Campaign (TKC), we truly believe we are stronger when we work together, which is why we are so passionate about forging strategic partnerships with other values-driven organizations. 

At TKC, these incredible groups are our ‘Kind Companies,’ and some of these partners have been with us since day one! Our partners help us reach new heights by spreading awareness, raising funds for our nonprofit, and co-creating products that give back to our mission of normalizing children’s emotional health.

Read on to learn more about what we look for in our kind partners!

What is a Kind Company?

A Kind Company is a community-focused organization that aims to do well and do good. Naturally, they also create goods, products, and services, but they strive to improve their community through business. We’ve partnered with snack companies (KIND Snacks), jewelry companies (Kendra Scott), and even movie theatres (shoutout to AMC Theaters!). While these businesses couldn’t be more different, the key thing they have in common is their commitment to giving back.  

Why are we so invested in our partnerships at TKC?

Collaboration makes us stronger. We can accomplish more together by leveraging shared resources and relationships. And more importantly, we can do more for the community… together. 

What types of partnerships do we explore?

We partner with nonprofits, schools, educators, and businesses of all sizes. 

TKC loves to think outside-the-box about how to creatively work with organizations to learn how we can better support children’s mental and emotional health. Our partnerships are vertical-agnostic. Meaning: We work with organizations of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. We care more about an organization’s values and how they support the community. 

What do we look for in our partners? How do we know we’re aligned?

From our curriculum to our partnerships, four pillars guide everything we do at TKC! Our approach to SEL centers on self-image, empathy, emotional awareness, and community. 

All of our partners value and enact our pillars. By living our values, we aim to create a more emotionally-healthy community. 

To learn how your organization can collaborate with The Kindness Campaign, please drop us a note on our contact page

Some of our Kind Companies over the years: