Smiling Kids

What we do

The Kindness Campaign is on a mission to create and provide accessible emotional health curriculum and programs to both children and adults in homes and classrooms.

Our practical tools address
an ongoing societal problem:

Suicide is currently the second leading cause of death for teenagers, which is why TKC takes a preventative and educational approach to saving lives, starting at age 3 and lasting into adulthood. All TKC curriculum and programming is based on a core message, I AM ENOUGH, and driven by four core pillars: self-image, emotional awareness, empathy, and community.

We have the power to improve outcomes for young people, by improving their mental and emotional health.

We know adversity, isolation, and bullying exists. But instead of allowing these states to go unchecked, we provide positive and accessible tools that promote emotional health.

Who benefits?

Every year, The Kindness Campaign raises funds to gift our SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum to underserved schools. We prioritize Title 1 schools in this effort. Please visit our 2021-2022 school year beneficiaries here!

But you don’t need to be one of these schools to get TKC. Browse TKC’s curriculum and programming, available for purchase to all schools, families, and youth organizations.