Art of Kindness




Set your intention to be kind and share kindness. Once you take the pledge, we will send you monthly #ArtOfKindness emails with fun ways to share kindness with yourself, your friends and family, and your community.


Express your vision of kindness through whatever art form calls to you. Maybe it is dance, or painting, baking cakes, or making slime! Let your creativity flow and have fun making your art with kindness in your heart.


Share your art on social media with #ArtOfKindess and tag @TKCKindness! Share with your community with a live performance or by selling your creations & donating a percent back to a kind organization.



The future is kindness.

In college a boy tried to choke me in the dorms. When the police arrived, they pressured me into dropping charges.

In 6th grade, someone called me a “Fat Nerd” because I was overweight and had glasses.

When I was in fourth grade I was constantly trying to make friends with the group of girls that were considered the most “popular” in school. One day, toward the end of the year, they decided they were sick of me hanging around and in a VERY public setting on the playground, the leader of the group told me I was “just a piece of tagalong string” and that they wanted to “cut me out.” 

One of my childhood BFF’s was affected by domestic violence growing up and I saw how it mentally affected her.

Sometimes my friends make fun of other people. I try not to join in, but I’ve never been brave enough to speak up about it.

When I was younger, I was picked on for being smart and being a bookworm. It was hard, but I decided I liked being smart more than I liked being popular. So I continued to do well in school and I was accepted to my top choice college. When I got to college, suddenly it was cool to be smart, and I met a lot of really cool friends including my future husband. Today we can be ourselves together and sometimes when he says something smart I tell him that I love how much of a nerd he is.

In 4th grade, my first year in public school (since I was homeschooled before that) I was bullied by a girl. I literally thought she was going to find me and physically fight me. I was very scared. I had nightmares about how I was going to defend myself against this “Mean Girl.”

I moved cross-country for a new job. My coworkers were unkind and uncooperative from day one, just because I was from another part of the country. It forced me to leave the company. After years of looking for the right fit, I now have amazing coworkers and couldn’t be happier!

When I was in high school, I was involved in theatre and there was a kid who was a little different, and even though he was a good actor, kind of unpopular. He was small for his age and got picked on a lot. I didn’t like seeing anyone be singled out by the older more popular kids, so I didn’t join in the bullying and tried to derail it when it happened. We weren’t particularly close, but we got along fine. Over ten years later, he was passing through my town and I let him stay at my house for a couple days. We started talking about back in the day, and he told me that I was one of the only people who had been nice to him in school, and wanted me to know he never forgot that. Even though it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to me at the time, it was a big deal to him. It was a meaningful moment for me where I felt very proud that I stood up for someone and did the right thing.